Giulia Punti Antichi is a web-site for fun and enjoyment.
Taking inspiration from old stitching techniques and new needlework art, we endeavor to give a distinctive look to our projects, using new threads and fibers with special shades. Most of threads and ribbons that are used are overdyed or softly shaded and they convey a distinctive charm to the stitched design.
All pieces are also a nice stitching adventure for stitchers willing to expand their ability with shaded threads.

Let’s introduce ourselves: Giulia, Mario, and our daughter Sofia share this lovely adventure with Burma, our little dog. We live in Italy and our town, Massa, is in Tuscany, a few miles from Pisa, on the seacoast, with a wonderful view of mountains full of white marble and surrounded by oranges, olives and palm trees.

The whole family is involved in this beloved project: Giulia puts the art, Mario deals with business and Sofia helps with the digital world.

Giulia’s Designs range from traditional designs to old fashioned pieces including motifs from Italy, Europe and Unites States, and are dedicated to stitchers of all ages and different levels of expertise.

Teen Stitch by Sofia includes original designs of our daughter Sofia. Her happy designs are mainly dedicated to younger stitchers even though they can be loved by more experienced needleworkers.

The section Giulia’s Free Designs and Sofia’s Free Designs include free downloadable designs.

There is also a section for designs whose charts are available for purchase and instant download on our Etsy shop.

On this web-site you will also find some links and instructions for our designs which are presently published in magazines and on the web and other interesting links for needlework lovers.

We hope you will enjoy the visit to our web site and that you come back again and again.