Teen Stitch by Sofia

These pieces have been designed by Sofia, when she was a teenager.
We wanted something modern and nice for teens willing to learn how to stitch. Some of these designs have been stitched on Lugana 28 ct. Teens will have no problems to find the holes in this fabric and will have an easy life while stitching! Patterns can also be embellished with beads and charms, used for a pillow or mounted inside a frame. These chart packs are suitable for beginners, but can also be a lot of fun for intermediate stitchers or moms!
A Ballerina’s Dream is a new design, dedicated to classic ballet, and thought to realize a sewing necessaire for the Designing Ladies 2006 project with Judy Odell (www.justathought.net). Wonderful sewing accessories and special ribbons and threads give a unique style to this necessaire.
The Hallowitch Sewing Box is a special design for Designing Ladies 2005 of Judy Odell and once again, special threads and ribbons have been used for this box.