Furry Santa

The original model has been stitched with Furtastitch 100% Nylon thread, made by Italyarns, Italy, www.italyarns.com.

This is a new tridimensional thread for cross-stitching giving a furry appearance to the stitched design. Furtastitch threads are washable in cold water and can be “combed” with the needle after stitching to raise the hair and give a furrier appearance!

Buttons: one each of the followings: 4415.L lg red peppermint, 4415.S sm red peppermint, 4416.L lg green peppermint, 4416.S sm green peppermint, 4447.L lg holly, 4447.S sm holly, by Just Another Button

Finishing supplies: deep red wool felt, green organza ribbon

Skirtex, interfacing, blue felt, blue and ecru sewing thread, acid free stick glue, red polyester satin ribbon, cord made with DMC 321stranded cotton thread, acid free cardboard, light brown fabric, two small brass jingle bells, dark red sewing thread

Fabric ETA greggio 55, 14ct (5,5 punti/cm) Aida linen fabric cloth, greggio color, by Fratelli Graziano
Threads - Furtastitch 100% Nylon thread by Italyarns: 395, 394, 351, 355, 385 - Stranded cotton floss by DMC : 310, 819, white
Stitches Cross stitch over two, Back stitch