Ann Hull 1836 Sampler

An original sampler from the antique samplers collection of Giulia Manfredini. Reproduced by Giulia Manfredini, designer of Giulia Punti Antichi.

A few years ago I saw this sampler on eBay and I was so fortunate to win the auction for it. Ann Hull stitched her sampler at the age of 11 in 1836 in England and used many motifs and symbolisms of antique samplers.

Stitch count 377H x 271W

Fabric 29x22 in (56x73.5 cm) 32 ct Pecan Butter from Lakeside Linens
Threads hand dyed 12-stranded silk threads from The Thread Gatherer: Camouflage SNC 055, Midnight Cobalt SNC 087, Dark Forest SNC 089, Honeysuckle White SNC 144, Whippoorwill Lane SNC 146, Dung Paper SNC 317, Stone Moss SNC 1048; Florimel over-dyed silk threads by Gloriana Threads: 217 Canary, 207 Inca Gold
Stitches Cross stitch over 1 and over 2, Backstitch over 2, Long stitch, Stain stitch, Eyelet Stitch, Chain stitch, Pulled Eyelet Stitch