Mary Frear 1808 Sampler

reproduction of antique embroidered sampler by mary frear with trees boats pastures sheep

This Georgian English Sampler, which belongs to Giulia Manfredini’s private collection, was embroidered by Mary Frear at the age of 13.

Mary Frear stitched her original sampler with vibrant silk threads and depicted a myriad of motifs, scattered throughout the sampler, including birds, rabbits, sheep, dogs, deer, trees, flowers, vases with fruit or flower arrangements, a tree of life with Adam and Eve, and a large boat in the Dutch Sampler style.

DMC thread Conversion included in the chartpack.

Fabric 25x26.5 in (63x67 cm) 30 ct 212P.L. Ecru / 5 linen by Sotema
Threads hand-dyed twelve-stranded Silk'n Color threads by The Thread Gatherer: Snow White SNC 000, Tapestry Green SNC 054, Slate Blue SNC 109, Wintered Grass SNC 155, Dried Thyme SNC 156, Ginger Snap SNC 172, Straw into Gold SNC 175, Dung Paper SNC 317, Portiere Green SNC 345, Maple Syrup SNC 364, Wine & Roses SNC 1008, Cinnamon Stick SNC 1012
Stitches Cross stitch over one and over two, Backstitch, Satin stitch