My Quaker Style Basket & Accessories

I always loved Quaker motifs and when I saw the Tarnished Gold P5 thread of Valdani Inc., I decided to try… I had already purchased the beautiful Boca Collection basket from Lantern Moon, the perfect linen fabric from R & R Reproductions.

The Black Dark 8113 from Valdani was perfect as well !
I found the lovely black scissors, thread winder and all the finishing materials…. Little by little the design came out.
Then I sent pictures of the motifs, samples of threads and fabrics to my friend Cecile Just Another Button Company.
She has made for me the most gorgeous pins and button, matching with my model.
I am so happy for the final result of My Quaker Style basket & Accessories!

Basket: twisted seagrass basket with silk lining Boca Collection small (10” h x 10” diameter) 1-1611 Black available from Lantern Moon.

Quaker Stitches pins: jp124, set of five pins from Just Another Button Company.


Gold Quaker Star button sc1051.s from Just Another Button Company.


Steweb Scissors 3.75″ – handle holes shaped like spiderwebs or The Love Scissors with handle holes in the shape of hearts – 4″ long: from Kelmscott Designs.

Celtic Flower thread winder: from Kelmscott Designs.

Accessories, stitching and finishing materials are not included in chartpack.

Chart pack includes designs, charts and instructions for stitching and finishing the basket band and sewing accessories.

Fabric 30 ct hand dyed linen Broomstitck Brown: from R & R Reproduction available from Norden Crafts: 14 x 38 in (35.5 x 96.5 cm)
Threads Designer Collection – Set 2 “My Quaker Style & Accessories” for Giulia Punti Antichi by Valdani Inc.. Each set contains 9 different 12x27m balls of Hand-Dyed Dimensional Solids 3-Strand FlossTM: 7 balls of Tarnished Gold P5 and 2 balls of Black Dark 8113
Stitches Cross stitch over two, Backstitch, Smyrna stitch, Double cross stitch over six, Buttonhole loop.