Rossella – Italian Capodimonte Pincushion Doll

Rossella Pincushion Capodimonte doll

This half doll is simply unique, with fabulous details and unsurpassable facial features, a beautiful white ribbon and flowers for the hat and fingers open over the hands. The porcelain half doll has been made by Porcellane Capodimonte Carusio Giovanni in Capodimonte, Naples. Italy. 

The doll is completed by pins and chetelaine made by the artist Roberta Dazzini. 

Fabric 16x8.75 in (41x22 cm) 36 ct Etruria linen by Sotema
Threads twelve-stranded hand-dyed Silk'n Colors silk threads by The Thread Gatherer: Blood Moon Rising SNC 344, Lavender Fields SNC 347, Portiere Green SNC 345
Stitches Cross Stitch, Rhodes Stitch over 6