A Basket for Kris – Stitchers’s Sewing Set

Dedicated to my beloved and unforgettable friend Kris Stott, this basket and stitcher’s sewing accessories represent a loving family, house and pets, flowers and trees in an antique sampler style.

Buttons for Kris from Just Another Button Company:
tiny William 5 petal flower: two red nh1075.T, two blue nh1074.T, two gold nh1073.T
small William 5 petal flower: two red nh1075.S, two blue nh1074.S, one gold nh1073.S
large William 5 petal flower: two red nh1075.L, two blue nh1074.L,
One extra large colonial cream posy nh1076.X

Basket: Round Drawstring Basket 2-3472 terracotta 9 in diameter from Lantern Moon.

Accessories (not included in chartpack):
– Pins for Kris (set of five) from Just Another Button Company
– Beautiful silver tone Clinging Vine Scissors from Uncommon Scissors
– Petit hornbook

Chart pack includes designs charts and instructions for stitching and finishing the basket and the sewing accessories.

Fabric 18x44 in (45,7x111,8 cm) Overdyed 30 ct linen St. Valentines Blend # 337 by R&R Reproductions
Threads Hand dyed silk flosses from Gloriana: Vanilla 003, Pecan 133, Old Gold 169, Dried Pink Roses 119, Slate Blue 124, Milk Chocolate 170, Cherry Tart 128
Stitches Cross stitch over two and over one, Backstitch over two and over one, French knots