A Williamsburg Colonial Sewing Etui

embroidered sewing etui dedicated to colonial williamsburg with scissor fob scissor case and wooden thread keeper

A lovely colonial sewing etui which goes with Sophia Amelia pincushion doll.

The etui has a pocket for the threadkeeper and the scissors and a pincushion roll.

Accessories (not included in the chartpack): threadkeeper and needleminder by Stitched Tales available from Giulia Punti Antichi.

Pins by Roberta Dazzini not included in the chartpack, available at Giulia Punti Antichi.

Fabric 17.75x8.75 in (45x22 cm) Ecru 30 ct linen by Sotema
Threads twelve-stranded hand-dyed Silk'n'Colors silk threads by The Thread Gatherer: Coral Shells SNC 041, Camouflage SNC 055, Pond Scum SNC 110, Christmas Pines SNC 231, Blood Moon Rising SNC 344, Blueberry Pie SNC 351, Raspberry SNC 353, Maple Syrup SNC 364
Stitches Cross stitch over two, Backstitch over two, Smyrna stitch over two and over four, Rhodes stitch over six, Round Rhodes stitch over six, Pooled Eyelet stitch over six