An Icelandic Christmas Sewing Set

This sewing set embroidered with Icelandic traditional motifs is mounted over a lined Skirtex panel and then glued to a wooden blackboard. This lovely set has a pocket for scissors, a small pincushion, a ribbon loop for the spool, two metal rings for the threads and a magnetic needle minder.

This model has been inspired by the wonderful book “IslensK sjónabók – Ornaments and Patterns found in Iceland”, of Birna Geirfinnsdóttir, published by Heimilisiðnaðarfélag Íslands (The Icelandic Handicraft Association). I had the permission to reproduce the motifs of this book and I am very grateful for this. The book itself is a wonderful publication with translation in English and it is a huge encyclopedia of motifs from Iceland.

Chartpack includes complete stitching and finishing instructions, conversions for DMC cotton threads

Fabric 12.5x8 in (32x20 cm) 28 ct Emiane Natural linen by Fratelli Graziano
Threads Florimell Silk floss #220 Cinnabar (DMC 815+814) by Gloriana Threads
Stitches cross stitch