IslensK sjónabók

embroidered hornbook icelandic style

Hornbook Threadkeeper and Needleminder

This sewing set embroidered with Icelandic traditional motifs is mounted over a lined Skirtex panel and then glued to a wooden hornbook. 

This model has been inspired by the wonderful book “IslensK sjónabók – Ornaments and Patterns found in Iceland”, of Birna Geirfinnsdóttir, published by Heimilisiðnaðarfélag Íslands (The Icelandic Handicraft Association). I had the permission to reproduce the motifs of this book and I am very grateful for this. The book itself is a wonderful publication with translation in English and it is a huge encyclopedia of motifs from Iceland.

Chartpack includes complete stitching and finishing instructions, conversions for DMC cotton threads.

Fabric 5x8 in (12.6x20 cm) Parchment 36 ct hand-dyed linen by Weeks Dye Works
Threads twelve-stranded Silk'n'Color silk threads by The Thread Gatherer: In The Burgundy SNC 074
Stitches cross stitch