Our Blessed Family Sampler

A sampler dedicated to the new Millennium.
Chartpack includes charts for boys and cats.

Fabric 15x15 in (38x38 cm) 25 ct Mushroom Lugana
Threads The Thread Gatherer Silk n’ Colors: Holiday Greenery 085, Maidenhair Fern 027, Midnight Cobalt 087, Winter Sky 98-1, Green Leaves 090, Dark Forest 089, Chocolate Caramel 076, Latte 97-10, Snow Drift White 000, Antique Rose 064, Spring Blush 97-11, Frosted Auburn 023, Autumn Foliage 002, Sunflower Yellow 030, Burnished Gold 060, Heirloom Blue 049; The Thread Gatherer Flax n’ Colors: Pebblestone Blue 40
Stitches Cross-stitch, half cross-stitch, satin stitch, Eyelet stitch, and backstitch, rice stitch, French knot.