Rose Carnations – Romina’s Sewing Box

A Collaboration Design with GPA, Mani di Donna Designs, Mingiustitch, MTV Designs

Dedicated to Romina Petrucci, owner of Romy’s Creations, this sewing box has a pincushion and a separate compartment with a lid. The lid hosts a thin magnetic laminate sheet to act as a useful needleminder.

The Mother-of-Pearl carved button is available from Giulia Punti Antichi

Flowers for Romina: scissors fob and two pins, hand made for Giulia Punti Antichi by Il Laboratorio degli Etruschi

Tudor Rose Scissors from Kelmscott Designs

Rose Carnation - Romina's Sewing Box inside cropped gpa



Fabric 32 ct Belfast linen Antique Ivory 14233
Threads hand dyed cotton threads Desert Rose and Giulia’s Rose by Romy’s Creations
Stitches Cross Stitch, Backstitch