Rose Carnations – Romina’s Sewing Box

A Collaboration Design with GPA, Mani di Donna Designs, Mingiustitch, MTV Designs

Dedicated to Romina Petrucci, owner of Romy’s Creations, this sewing box has a pincushion and a separate compartment with a lid. The lid hosts a thin magnetic laminate sheet to act as a useful needleminder.

The Mother-of-Pearl carved button is available from Giulia Punti Antichi

Flowers for Romina: scissors fob and two pins, hand made for Giulia Punti Antichi by Il Laboratorio degli Etruschi

Tudor Rose Scissors from Kelmscott Designs

Fabric 32 ct Belfast linen Antique Ivory 14233
Threads hand dyed cotton threads Desert Rose and Giulia’s Rose by Romy’s Creations
Stitches Cross Stitch, Backstitch