Spring 2007 Sampler

Thanks to our model stitcher Tamara Bianchi, this model has been stitched in two ways to be finished also as a pillow and not only in a sampler style.

The original sampler model has with The Thread Gatherer twelve stranded overdyed Silk’n Colors threads.
The pillow model has been stitched with DMC six stranded cotton floss.

We love overdyed and variegated threads and the new DMC Variations cotton flosses offer a nice alternative to The Thread Gatherer silk threads, even though the final result on pillow it is not an exact match.

You can stitch your initials inside upper corners of frame by using the provided alphabet chart.
Beads: Mill Hill Antique Seed Beads 03034

Finishing materials for pillow: matching fabric for the back of pillow, lilac organza ribbon, golden yellow organza ribbon.

All stitching and original finishing materials are available as a kit from Mani di Donna.

Fabric - The sampler model has been stitched on Zweigart 32 ct linen, Cream - The pillow model has been stitched on Zweigart 28 ct linen, Ivory
Threads - Sampler: The Thread Gatherer Silk’n Colors Dried Thyme 156, Nan’s Mulberry 040, Blue Violet 036, The Lavenders 004, Latte 9710, Shepherd’s Moon 097, Lilac Arbor 120, Burnished Gold 060 - Pillow: DMC Moulinè cotton flosses 3347, 3687, 4240, 327, 3863, 4150, 4220, 3820
Stitches cross stitch over two, back stitch over two, Sofia’s Stitch, Smyrna stitch