Gentle and Quiet Spirit

embroidered box with mom daughter and dog under a tree

This little piece is a remembrance of my stitching days while in my garden with my daughter Sofia and her little dog Lilli.

I found the sentence perfect for a jewelry box: each morning we must always wear a gentle and quiet spirit and not only rings or necklaces.
A chart with just the woman is also included.

Box: Music Jewelry Box #99331 from Sudberry House

Fabric 5.5x7.5 in (14x19) 32 ct Vintage Maple Sugar from Lakeside Linens
Threads The Gentle Art Simply Shaker Sampler Threads: Antique Rose, Barn Grey, Berry Cobbler, Brethren Blue, Buttermilk, Chamomile, Cidermill Brown, Green Apple, Harvest Basket, Melon Patch, Ohio Lemon Pie, Old Blue Paint, Old Red Paint, Picket Fence, Rhubarb, Sarsaparilla, Shutter Green, Straw Bonnet, Woodrose
Stitches Cross Stitch over two and over one, Back Stitch over two and over one, Whipped spider's wheel Stitch, Satin Stitch over two, Straight Stitch or Long Satin Stitch
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