Sara – A Deruta Renaissance Pincushion Doll

This pincushion doll has been designed as a special token of love for my dearest Sara, daughter of Simona Bussiglieri, the designer of Mani di Donna. Simona and I share a long lasting amazing friendship and we have been designing and collaborating for several beautiful projects, including many for charity! I saw Sara when she was a little darling girl and now she is turning onto a charming teen ager! This pincushion doll is as shining and bright as my wonderful friend’s daughter!

I really enjoyed stitching it with the fabulous hand dyed cotton threads Midnight Blue and London Mist from Romy’s Creations, over the wonderful linen from Manifattura Tessile Sotema. 

The doll is available from Belle Bambole Dolls under the name of Lady Macbeth and this pincushion doll has an embroidered overskirt, cross stitched with variegated hand dyed cotton flosses and metallic gold.

A small purse, decorated with a matching Deruta fuseruola bead and a matching Deruta pin, accessorize the doll. These majolica bead and pin are available from Giulia Punti Antichi.

Fabric Etruria 35 ct ecrù linen from Manifattura Tessile Sotema
Threads hand-dyed stranded cotton skeins from Romy’s Creations: two of Midnight Blue and one of London Mist - one spool of Gold D3852 Diamant metallic from DMC
Stitches Cross Stitch, Backstitch