Sofia – An Italian Style Pincushion Doll

The name of this pincushion doll is Sofia, as a special token of love to my dearest daughter Sofia. We share a wonderful loving relationship as well as cultural interests, an intense passion for music, travels, and art. I am very fortunate and proud to have such an amazing daughter!

This pincushion doll has been stitched in antique style Italian embroidery with the beautiful hand dyed cotton threads of  The Gentle Art over the special hand dyed linen of Weeks Dye Works.

The doll is available from Belle Bambole Dolls under the name of Sophie and can be customized according to your choices. The shape of the skirt recalls the Queen Ann style dolls and the light copper/sand Dupioni overskirt gives a luxury glamour to the doll.

Fabric one 8 5/8 x 8 5/8“ (22 x 22 cm) piece of 35 ct Hand Dyed 1109 Angel Hair linen from Weeks Dye Works
Threads one skein each of the following hand-dyed stranded cottons threads from The Gentle Art: Shaker White 7025, Carriage Black 7095, Burlap 7096
Stitches cross stitch, back stitch, drawn-thread work, double hemstitch