Welcome Little One – Birth Sampler

This sampler celebrates a special event, the birth of a little baby. The whole nature is happily blessing the parents and the newborn! Sun, moon, birds, butterflies, dog, cat, flowers are depicted in the sampler, The stork still has the scarf in its beak! This sampler is truly a joyful tribute to a loving family and the new baby, celebrating the opportunity for the family at the start of a child’s life to give a loving powerful guide to the newborn.   The four phrases in the central panel are the first verse of the beautiful Latter-day Saint hymn and song “I Am a Child of God“, written in 1957 by Naomi W. Randall with the music of Mildred T. Pettit for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I Am a Child of God” is one of the 45 hymns that the LDS Church publishes in its basic curriculum sources that are used in areas of the world where the Church is new or developing. Thus, it is typically one of the first hymns that new Mormons receive and learn. It is hymn #301 in Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it is on page #2 in the Children’s Songbook. The song has been translated into over 90 languages and has been the subject of numerous musical adaptations by choirs and musicians.

I had the opportunity to listen to this beautiful hymn several years ago in Boise, ID, with my friend Cecelia and our families. Since then it is one of my favourite hymns because of its beautiful music and words. I invite you to listen to it. You will love it!

Fabric 12.25 x15.5 in (31x39.5 cm) 32 ct linen Maritime White by Lakeside Linens
Threads hand-dyed twelve-stranded SNC silk threads from The Threads Gatherer: Snow Drift White 000, Ink Black 0B, Camouflage 055, Antique Rose 064, Whippoorwill Lane 146, Gingersnap 172, Crimson Wood 179, Golden Pines 181, Denim 223, Gold Coast 316, Papyrus Leaf 319, Cameo Creme 1015 Stone Moss 1048, Miss Piggly’s Purple 1060, Latte 971; Kreinik Silk Mori: 0523, 0824
Stitches cross stitch, backstitch, French Knot, Sofia's Stitch, Smyrna Stitch
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